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Raised Access Floor Restoration

Commercial Restoration Experts

Besides our expertise in Raised Access Floor cleaning, commercial cleaning, certifications, and embracing newer technologies such as computerized quality control, time keeping, and task scheduling systems we simply take pride in delivering Spotless results.

Professional Raised Access Floor Restoration

Our Raised Access Floor Panel Cleaning will ensure that all dust, debris and adhesive will be removed effectively so that the new flooring can be installed on top of the existing metal panels.

Our effective Adhesive Removal service will enable restoration of your existing flooring back to its’ original condition free of all adhesive and ready to receive a new layer of flooring.

Our service will extend the life of your existing floor without needing to replace with expensive new access floor panels. Changing old metal panels for new ones could be a very expensive and daunting task and by using our specialised cleaning you will save valuable time and money!

Why choose us?

Our Raised Access Floor Cleaning service provides Restoration to your existing floor thus extending the life of it, and providing huge cost savings by not having to replace it with a new access floor.

Increase Your Project Profits

Save up to 30 -50% costs with Restoration of existing Access Panel Flooring.

Save Labour & Time

Save time & labour costs with dismounting & mounting back the flooring, as our service is carried out at site and saving you high costs involved with labour.

Work on Site

Our services are carried out at site, thus ensuring reduced labour costs and also saving you time!

Meet Project Management Targets

Our services are quality assured & time managed in order for you to deliver your projects by the set timeline to your client.

Safe Warranty on New Floor Fitting

Our services ensure that you can provide a safe warranty for laying any type of new flooring required by your client.

Avoid Delays with Off-site Services

Avoid delays by using companies that remove & take away the flooring in order to remove the adhesive, as this can be very time consuming and also the potential high risk of project delays.

Our services

Exceptional cleaning services meets powerful technology

Raised Access Floor Cleaning Service / Adhesive removal

Our Raised Access Floor Cleaning service provides Restoration to your existing floor thus extending the life of it, and providing huge cost savings by not having to replace it with a new access floor.

Raised Access Floor Polishing Service

If you prefer not to install new flooring coverings on top of the access floor or need time to decide on what type of new floor covering you would like to use, then you can use our Polishing Service after the Adhesive Removal to bring the floor to a sparkling standard.

Construction Cleaning Service

If you have just finished a construction project or property renovation project, let our specialist post construction cleaning team come and tackle the problem.

Our full range of cleaning services, from Builders Cleaning to Sparkle Cleaning, tailored specifically to the construction industry and our detailed cleaning schedule will ensure that your premises will be cleaned to high standards and will be ready for the market.

Access Panel Under-Floor Cleaning Service

specialises in providing Under-floor Cleaning to all types of commercial/ business premises. Our specialised Under-floor cleaning will ensure that the floor panels are carefully lifted and waste and micro particles underneath is vacuumed with a thorough cleaning with specialised products of data cables, power cables and cable trays.

Professional Carpet Floor Stripping Service

Our specialised Professional Carpet Floor Stripping Service will ensure that your old carpet layer/ tiles will be stripped off the floor effectively. This service is specifically designed to be used in large high-rise commercial buildings with Raised Access Panel Flooring, when in need of a floor restoration.

Professional Window Cleaning Service

We are a leading supplier of high quality window cleaning services. Our professionally trained, vetted and supervised team has experience in cleaning windows of buildings, multi-floor offices, business parks, residential areas, department stores and shopping precincts, as well as sports and leisure centres.

Client Testimonials

Formation Group
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Very impressed with the results of the Raised Access Floor cleaning service provided by Fenix.
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We wanted Access Floor cleaning and Fenix organised everything promptly under short notice and the project was done to high standards.
Zone Int.
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We had a close project deadline and Fenix worked with us to provide a Raised Metal Access floor cleaning under very tight deadline and produced with excellent results.

Besides our expertise in Raised Access Floor Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning & Industrial Cleaning, we accumulate over a decade of industry experience and are certified & accredited to provide a high quality service that’s second to none. We take pride in delivering excellent results and embracing new technologies such as computerised quality control, time keeping and task scheduling systems means that we can help you meet project deadlines and thus, passing on those project cost savings directly to you.

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